It seems that the first few copies of Argentum’s Song that were printed had a pretty big mistake that was missed. The last sentence of page 177 somehow got copied to the end of the epilogue. Luckily it didn’t replace anything so the book still works if you just cross that sentence out :p However, I do want to do something as an apology to anyone who got a copy of the misprint. If you take a picture of it and send it to ferusbooks@gmail.com I will send you information in the new year about how to get a signed and numbered hardcover copy of the novel (with extra illustrations) for less than what it will be selling for on Amazon (even adding in what you paid for the paperback). I hope that takes the sting off at bit.

Thank you for your patience as I am learning this process for the first time. Even with that mistake I am proud of the finished product and trust you will enjoy it!

Russell Smith

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